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About Us

Image by Christina Rumpf

My Story

As a registered dietitian and consultant, Alisha Maheshwari believes that food is medicine. She’s a Food Scientist and has a specialisation in Nutrition. She has worked with over 1000+ clients, primarily moms and women, to help them lose weight and improve their health without compromising their favourite foods. Her philosophy is based on using small behavioural changes to prevent and reverse diseases. Alisha is committed to empowering her clients to make healthy choices and achieve their health goals.

The Process

Alisha Maheshwari follows a proven process to help her clients achieve their health goals. She begins by understanding their unique needs and challenges. Then, she develops a personalized plan that includes practical tips and guidance on healthy eating, meal planning, and exercise. Throughout the process, Alisha provides ongoing support and accountability to ensure her clients stay on track and achieve their desired outcomes.

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