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Privacy Policy

Personal information

We may request some required personal and medical information, such as your name, contact number, address, weight and height and email address. We only ask for personal information related to providing clients with a service, and only use it to help provide or update this service. Dietitian Alisha Maheshwari understands the privacy concerns of the clients so all information is kept confidential.


How we collect information

Dietitian Alisha Maheshwari collects information by fair and legal means, with your information and approval. We also let you know the reason for collecting the information and how it will be used. You are free to decline our request for this information, with the knowledge that we may be incapable to provide you with some of your needed services without it.

Collected information is utilized for subscription management, providing personalized diet and nutrition services, and improving our offerings. We do not disclose personal information to third parties except as necessary for subscription fulfillment.

Recurring Payment:

For subscription plans involving recurring payments, we securely store payment details to facilitate automatic renewals. Users can manage their subscription preferences and cancel anytime through their account settings.

Health Information:

Health-related information provided for personalized services is treated with the utmost confidentiality. It is used solely for crafting customized diet plans and is not shared with external parties.

Data Security:

We employ stringent security measures to protect personal and health information. This includes encryption, regular security audits, and access controls to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

Subscription Communication:

Subscribers may receive periodic communications related to their subscription, including updates, renewal notices, and personalized health recommendations. Users can opt out of non-essential communications.

Data Retention:

Personal and health information is retained only for the duration of the subscription. Upon cancellation, this information is securely deleted, except as required by law.


A cookie is a small portion of data that our website reserves on your computer system and accesses every time you visit so we can know how you use our site and help you based on preferences you have defined. We may set and access cookies on your computer to collect data about you and your activity across our site.

If users do not want to accept cookies from us, they can instruct the browser to reject cookies from our website, knowing that we may be unable to provide our them with any of your desired assistance without them. It does not include the use of cookies by any third-party services that we use on our site.

Security of information

The security of data of our users is a priority for us. We have used and absorbed all possible and generally supported standards and techniques to ensure the security of personal information. We do not share or provide personal information to third parties. But, it is a given that all potential actions cannot ensure complete security, hence despite the use of best security and assurance measures, complete security including all features cannot be guaranteed.

Your rights and responsibilities

As our client, you have the freedom to be notified about how your information is collected and used. You are allowed to know what information we collect about you, and how it is used. Also, you are allowed to change and renew any personal information about you and to ask this data be removed.


Feel free to contact Dietitian Alisha Maheshwari if you have any concerns or inquiries about how we manage your personal information.

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